Well the days are definitely shorter and the nights appear to have crept up on me a little, however I am determined to get the maximum amount of endurance and distance as I can ready for my races this year. So I take myself into the garage and I watch a film as I do some steady hills and steady miles on the turbo trainer.

At the moment it's not the warmest room around, and if I'm quite honest the fact that the garage is sitting around the 10 degree mark (obviously it goes higher in my area as I continue to push myself) it's nice, you don't overheat, there is less sweat, and all in all I feel I have to work at the steady rate to reduce the risk of injury, and so I ride.

I managed to watch the film Turbo this evening. Yes I know it's a child's film, but lets face it we all love them and what better way to forget the ache and cold than to watch a film that makes you laugh. although I'll be honest when I'm up to the 2 hour mark, I will be spending a good proportion of that time with my large supply (my bank balance can't keep up with the speed that the turn out these training videos) of Sufferfest videos. I love them, they really make you push, and because they are based on perceived effort level (I knew that sports science degree would be worth something) you are constantly pushing yourself. Although there is Revolver, where once you've done it once, you know what's coming so I bet people don't always push as hard as they could...

So despite working my days building a ludicrously big raised border in the garden and a large patio area (I wonder what would happen if my mum didn't have me home from sea!) I am managing to get the distance in for the possible Ironman...

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