So, yet again I looked this evening at the website in the vague hope I had a little while left to make the decision as to whether I was going for my first trail marathon and I saw a sign that I dreaded, "99% booked", so out came the debit card, the thought of slightly warmer and not so damp weather in mind and I plucked up the £50 entry fee (I don't think too bad a price really).

What do I have to expect? Well I've run three previous marathons all in bad fashion (just under the 5 hour mark) and I intend to be far better prepared for this one. I much prefer trail running as well (lower impact on the old legs) plus I've finally found my running style (I read Chi Running and it worked) and when the legs are tired I have all things necessary to enable recovery. SO really if I train correctly and I follow a good pattern of recovery then all should be well.

There is one small issue...

...I did make a promise to myself that this was the year for the Ironman I'd been telling myself I would be doing. Problem being I really want to do that as well. SO looks like I'm slowly filling up the year and will be in a real need of some cash to finance this (sadly an engine cadet approaching 30 does not make for a rich man) so I feel alongside college and training, oh and passing all my final qualifications, I will require a job to facilitate some further purchases, such as the very much needed new compression kit. I can get away with the lower end budget stuff for sleeping in, that's no issue, but I definitely need a new pair of leggings to run in, the old ones have definitely seen better days (they've had a lot to compress over the years).

SO new compression is on the shopping list, added to it will definitely be a wind-proof jacket, which is on the kit list, I've never used one before because I generate loads of heat so there is never a need on top of a base layer for me. So that's around £100+ of kit, and lots to fit into my weeks, looks like I'll be living frugally and sleeping infrequently, but, as I love that feeling when you finish a marathon and it doesn't leave when the post race pain does, it'll make it all worth while in the end!

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