So the question is how are things going? Well...

I had a bad lead up to my trail marathon and made the difficult decision for me to cut it down to a half, and went along. Not being built like a runner my entire aim was to finish. On the day I turned up and I decided I'd run how it felt good for the first two miles and then see what pace I was doing. As it turned out on the day, I seemed able to run better than I could possibly have hoped.

I CAME 14TH!!! This is unheard of for a man who does 4:50:00 marathons. and I did it in 1:45 which again is pretty insane!

So the next task is to push myself for the ultimate Iron distance event in the UK, how am I feeling about it? Well not all that bad really, I've done the 4km in the pool in under 1:14 which is well below my maximum planned time and it felt good. I'm planning a big ride tomorrow after a short north sea swim (I've been putting it off too long!). but the long rides are simply a case of keeping the fuel up and pacing myself. the run? Again not a worry really, legs don't currently have shin splints, I can do 5 miles with no problems, and 25km with only a little tiredness and on no food, so I think it's looking good.

The problem is I'm untested in the 3 together, it is a little worry and I've set myself steady realistic timings to complete it all, the plan is to take it steady to save some for the run. The thing is it's an unknown and until I try it on the day (hey a wind could mean an hours difference each way) so I will have my plan and if it feels better then I will push a little harder.

Expect to see a little more of me on here, I am trying to keep up to date, but it's really been a busy year finishing off my engineering qualifications! Well keep on driving yourself, it makes us who we are!

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